Eliminate the Endless Checklist :

a Work Smarter Digital Challenge

Being more intentional with your business does not mean being busier.

Calling all coaches, creatives, and one-[wo]man bands who need an excuse — any excuse — to get off of the hamster wheel of endless checklists.

There is a better way.

The Eliminate the Endless Checklist Challenge is here to inspire boutique business-builders to change the way they think about creating ideal clients and generating more profit without adding more hours to the day or losing step...in five days or less.

Get in here! We’re embracing a new way to work.

"I was managing my business with pen and paper. After working with Mary Sue, I think about how to automate tasks before I ever put pen to paper."

Deborah Myers



Focus on profitability, not prioritization.

Your dream business awaits you, bountiful in ideal clients and impactful work, priced right and supporting the life you love. Get to the end of the rainbow by putting your most effort into creating—and retaining—the best clients. Then, you’ll sail right on by the siren timesuck of endless checklists and misunderstood digital tools to arrive at your own personal pot of gold.

Standardize to personalize.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the key to surprising and delighting your prospects, partners, and clients is not in customizing every single touch point; there is simply nothing more compelling in a business relationship than effective and efficient communication and consistently engaging responsive audiences by regularly producing relevant content.

Get your life back.

Treat your time like it’s the luxury it is. If you are drowning in endless checklists and feel like you aren't making any progress and/or fed up with your digital tools that create more problems than they solve...stop prioritizing, organizing, and systemizing. Instead, set a standard, set a schedule, and set yourself free.

Challenge busywork.

Eliminate the Endless Checklist Challenge, the online business edu-event.

Daily Sessions at 4p ET from April 12 - 16, 2021

By registering, you receive the Eliminate Endless Checklists Workbook, Five Deep Dive

Sessions, & Expert Advice.

"Mary Sue taught me when one tool does everything it will simplify everything. And it really has."

Leslie Speidel

Career Exploration Company

"Productivity guru's are wrong. Prioritizing your checklist isn't working smarter, it is simply working harder in an organized fashion."

Meredith Eaton

Eaton Press

Work. Smarter.

Hustle culture is lying to you. You do not have to work 18/7 to “make” it. The Work Smarter Mindset embraces the kind of boutique business building that implements a strategic plan to integrate marketing, engagement and branding into one communication hub—and then puts it to work generating leads and profit.

Explore the CRM Advantage.

Are you ready to scale beyond being reactive and step into being proactive? Delve into the empowering and enchanting world of a CRM and discover the new best friend you never knew you needed.

Check into the challenge and out of checklists.

Join thousands of other entrepreneurs and go-getters ready to rip up the way we’ve always done things and start working smarter.

Meet your challenger.

Mary Sue Dahill does not want to see another capable woman play it small.

Nothing breaks her heart like incredible coaches, creatives, and one-[wo]man bands who need to share relevant content, engage responsive audiences, and generate good leads, get distracted by digital tools and self-doubt.

Mary Sue believes that if you think smart(er), use the right tools, and go after your goals, you can have the life you want.

Take it from the “overwhelm detective,” this seasoned entrepreneur, marketing maven, and automation expert knows a thing or three about calming the chaos and scaling a business beyond the 1:1. She’s on a mission to eliminate complexity and automate everything.

If you need help to stop drowning in tech that is sabotaging your success and start creating ideal clients who bring more profit, reach out to Mary Sue here and the good folks at Work Smarter Digital, because building a boutique business is a tough job, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Work smarter and put more profit in your pocket.

By registering, you receive the Eliminate The Endless Checklists Workbook, Five Deep Dive Sessions, & Expert Advice. There is no cost to participate, but a lot to lose if you don't.