Building a boutique business is a tough job, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Introducing Work Smarter Digital’s Engagement in Action 2021

Learn the art of engaging more deeply with your clients at the Work Smarter Digital’s Power User Conference Engagement in Action 2021 on April 30.

Engage with best practices, lessons learned, and best-in-show for power users of the Work Smarter Digital all-in-one communication hub.

Our members have been working smarter lately...and they’re getting great results. What’s not to love about cultivating a branded business ecosystem that grows bountiful client relationships and plucks the finest low-hanging fruit?

Let’s explore how they’re doing it in this half-day of showcase speakers, peer-to-peer networking, and innovative inspirations.

Join Work Smarter Digital and the coolest entrepreneurs we know using the tools, the tech, and a dedicated CRM expert to transform business success.

Friday, April 30th from 1-4PM ET


See that magic in action

Ever wondered what it would look like if you put a strategic plan for your marketing and communication in continuous motion? Get a front row seat to some of the most successful integration of marketing and sales in a standardized system by boutique business builders just like you.

Get ideas and inspiration

Beyond the oohs and ahhs are real concepts and solutions...things you can replicate and/or make your own. Spend the day cherry-picking the very best practices and enchanting communications hubbubbery to influence your own marketing mix. Expand your mindset and meet the makers.

Embrace automation.

See a fresh perspective on standardization, optimization, and automation. Imagine a life where your pitch-perfect content was landing in front of the ideal audience, consistently and appropriately. That’s the beauty of this tech; it solves business problems and smooths the onboarding process without missing a beat of your boutique branded experience.

Best. Conference. Ever.

Service-based businesses: work smarter and put more profit in your pockets. For real, this time.

If you are...

  • DIY-ing it... and by that we mean “Drowning In YouTube”.
  • Spending hours in user groups and getting nowhere.
  • Feeling stuck by the sheer volume of digital tool options.
  • Ready to embrace automation, but struggling with how to do it.
  • Looking for clear examples of how digital tools and automation make a business impact.

Too real? Then the Work Smarter Digital Engagement in Action 2021 is for you. This half-day online business edu-event ushers entrepreneurs overwhelmed and frustrated by their digital tools and lack of automation. Come experience real-life examples of how automation makes an impact across all aspects of your business.

DISCLAIMER: Only take-action business owners that want to put more profit in their pockets need apply.

Speakers. Panels. Demos. Breakouts. Networking. Yay!

Tap into the marketing brilliance of agency owner Margaret Brown, who is going to show us how to activate our mailing list in 30 mins. Get engaged in discussion on how to stop the hustle with automation. See some demonstrations, attend small-group breakouts, or polish up on your speed networking. Work Smarter Digital (and our friendly, neighborhood sponsors) will be cheering you on all day.

Meet the players, get the playbook.

These are your people, other Work Smarter Digital Power Users, sharing best practices, lessons learned, and best-in-show. Get to know them and tap into the power of imagination when it meets a CRM. What’s more, none of this brilliance will get lost when you’ve got our one-of-a-kind Digital Playbook on your side, the perfect place to capture inspiration, ideas, and action plans.

Collaboration in continuous community.

From candid day-of conversation by real owner/operators on how they overcame a business challenge using automation and an all-in-one CRM, to nurtured networking, to the Facebook Group, this is the place to commune with like-minded business owners and stay connected with other coaches, creatives, and service-based entrepreneurs. We hope you’ll be a part of it.

Secure your spot

Gather ‘round the virtual Work Smarter Digital conference room for all the hoopla, a celebration of wins and wonder of clients completely rocking it on our all-in-one communication hub and digital platform.

Meet your hostess

Mary Sue Dahill loves to see her hometown heroines make it to the big leagues.

Nothing warms her heart like incredible coaches, creatives, and one-[wo]man bands sharing relevant content, engaging responsive audiences, and generating good leads, creating the profitable business they so deserve. (Bonus points if everyone can avoid the pitfalls of entrepreneurship that can suckerpunch us all: endless checklists, miscast digital tools, and burnout/self-doubt.)

Mary Sue believes that if you think smart(er), use the right tools, and go after your goals, you can have the life you want.

Take it from the “overwhelm detective,” this seasoned entrepreneur, marketing maven, and automation expert knows a thing or three about calming the chaos and scaling a business beyond the 1:1. Mary Sue Dahill is on a mission to eliminate complexity and automate everything.

If you need help to stop drowning in tech that is sabotaging your success and start creating ideal clients who bring more profit, reach out to Mary Sue here and the good folks at Work Smarter Digital, because building a boutique business is a tough job, but you don’t have to do it alone.